poquoson criminal defense lawyerWe are experienced defending clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors. We are experienced in both jury and non-jury trials and will assist you in determining which is best under the circumstances of your particular case. If you have questions regarding the following crimes, contact our law firm.

If you or your children have been arrested for a crime, it is important that you speak with a criminal law attorney BEFORE you are questioned by the police. The police are skilled at putting those they question in difficult positions. They are trained in leading you to say what will ensure your conviction in court, and not what you want to tell them.

If you have been arrested on a criminal charge, you need an attorney willing to vigorously defend you in court. We are aggressive criminal defense attorneys who use our years of combined experience to provide you with a skilled legal defense.

There are many advantages to having an experienced attorney defend you. We are not afraid to stand up for your rights in plea negotiations or at trial. With our extensive criminal law experience, we are not easily intimidated by prosecutors and we will not advise you to accept a plea agreement that is not in your best interests. At Lawrence Law, it is our goal to provide clients with accessible and responsive customer service.

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Criminal offenses can affect multiple aspects of your life, not just your record. Criminal convictions, misdemeanors and felonies, can result in jail time and follow you the rest of your life. An experienced attorney will ensure that your due process rights are met and protected throughout the criminal process.


Juvenile offenses can have a severe impact on the ability for a child to complete school and can drain a parent’s financial resources. An attorney experienced in juvenile courts is necessary to navigate the special process that exists for charging and adjudicating a Juvenile offense. Lawrence Law has several years of experience with representing juveniles in all matters.

Have you been charged with a crime or your child has been charged with a delinquency? Don’t wait; call a criminal law attorney at Lawrence Law at 757-655-5025.