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At Lawrence Law, we understand the legal and emotional aspects that can accompany a family issue such as divorce. Finding a legal solution that will be of the most personal benefit to you is our primary goal. Ms. Lawrence understands the questions and concerns of family law clients. We know the legal process and will anticipate problems that you have not even considered. We are located near many military bases and consider military divorces to be one of our prominent specialties.

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Military Divorce

Fort Eustis – Langley Air Force Base – Norfolk Naval Station– JEB Little Creek – NAS Oceana – Ft. Story – Dam Neck – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard – Coast Guard Training Centers -Yorktown Naval Weapons Station

Virginia is home to Norfolk Naval Base, the largest naval base in the world, and this area has a large concentration of military bases and military personnel who help protect our United States. We consider military divorces to be one of our prominent specialties. There are few experienced divorce attorneys in this area well versed in the nuances that accompany military marriages and the special considerations that must be accounted for in a military divorce. If you need qualified, experienced counsel for your military divorce matter, contact our office. Ms. Lawrence is well-known in the local courts and has a positive reputation. We are here to help military men and women with every aspect of the military divorce action, including:

Child Custody Considerations In a Military Divorce Action

Lawrence Law knows that child custody matters can be complicated, especially when one spouse or both are subject to deployment orders. We will help you structure your Separation Agreement using all of the factors the court considers when issuing a Child Custody Order. We will also, if necessary, represent you in court hearings before the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court and Circuit Court using our knowledge of child custody. Our office has the knowledge, strategy and resources to help you.

Divorce - AFB - Yorktown Naval Weapons Station - Yorktown Coast Guard StationMilitary Retirement Benefits

One of the most contested issues in any divorce, military or civilian, revolves around whether one spouse is entitled to a portion of the other’s retirement benefits. Many people believe if they have been married less than ten (10) years they cannot recover any portion of these benefits. We can help you assert a claim to these benefits even if you have not been married for ten (10) years.

We have effective strategies and methods for dealing with retirement benefit issues, even when you have been married for under ten (10) years. We are skilled at filing the necessary orders required and we know how to include this asset in your property settlement or divorce decree.